Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 5, 2013. Many Lands

Riding through Guatemala, in a day we could go from the coldest to hottest weathers you will find here, driving on nice asphalt, dirt or even volcanic sand through all kinds of scenery. This tiny little country many people don't even know exist has so much in it.
Modern technology has not shrunk the world. Airplanes, cars, internet, media, they allow us to see more than most people ever did not too long ago, bringing the far away near us and consequently the near has often become far away. People don't venture beyond popularized sites that are already known and traveled. The ability to fly to a beach thousands of miles away may stop people from exploring one near them. There are more diamonds in the rough than we know but we are too busy running to those that have already been found. In this brief month home I've been through more places than many people here have seen in their lifetime, and often times they weren't too far away.

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