Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introduction to this blog

Hi, my name's Wesley Chang. I'm a photography hobbyist and now a blogger.
I have created this blog with the intent of improving my skills and releasing more content on the web. I will try to find time in my everyday life to take a photo and upload it here. I will write a little about my experience taking the photo, and what I learned from it. Ironically, I'm trying to increase quantity to also increase quality. I'm hoping this project will, over time, show how I have grown as a photographer as I spend a little bit of each day with my eye in the viewfinder. If you would like to follow my daily snippets please subscribe to my blog with any of the methods offered below, and pass this around to whoever you might find interested. I would also like to encourage commenting on my pictures with your opinion, however brief it may be, it will still be appreciated.

I have created a flickr account to showcase my best photography up until now, and any photos here I'm particularly  proud of will go up there. My gallery is still rather small but this is where I start! You can check it out by clicking the photostream below.


  1. Me alegro muchĂ­simo que permita al mundo conocer su arte. Como siempre, sus fotografĂ­as captan el momento con misticismo y mucho silencio atronador.
    Un arazote y miles de felicitaciones,
    Miss Castellanos

  2. Gracias Miss (: Sus palabras significan mucho!

  3. HOLA WESLEY! :) SEE! I'm a nice friend who decided to follow you even though I dont use blogspot...