Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dec 27, 2011. Commuting.

It can take you a couple minutes to simply walk down a subway line in Korea, and you might even spend up to 10 getting out of the larger stations. These commuting worms are massive usually arriving and departing every 1-5 minutes. And yet, during rush hour they all still get packed to the point that you're like a water molecule being poured in and emptied out of these mobile tubs, unable to fight the flow. I ride this amazing piece of transportation almost every day; zooming through unlit tunnels or over bridges that cross the enormous Han River making Seoul feel much smaller than the colossal man-made anthill that it is. It's really hard to connect all the different stations in a way other than the colored lines illustrated on the subway walls. It's as if every trip transported me to another island, and if you ever walk to the next station it's the most bizarre feeling; as if you've cheated laws of time and physics themselves by crossing by foot into a different dimension. The world is large, but smaller than it used to be.


  1. Very very good. The picture does represent your interpretation in so many words. The framing is right there, where you see the people, but not personal enough to make the picture, just a bunch of beings in on place going somewhere else. They are the shot, but they are also nobodies. And the coldness that you can feel, intentional or not..

  2. I like the shiny floor and the lighting and the distance in the people's faces...good touches.

  3. Me encanto tu descripción, la misma sensación experimente en el metro de NY, especialmente cuando pasaba bajo de agua, y como si nada hubiera pasado.