Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 26, 2011. Taking the Stage

Sure does look like I'm on a stage, no? Well this started out with me throwing pennies in the air trying to freeze their fall in mid-air. Not only was it really hard to get the focus right, the photos looked really boring. So I tried turning out the lights in my room and setting off the flash with my hand so that I could get a different angle. After a few more boring failures I decided to try taking a photo with the flash towards the camera, outlining my profile. Not only did I get all kinds of cool colors, but the flash actually lit up the dust in my room which did for a really neat effect. After testing a few different angles for the light, I settled for this. Perhaps I could've done better but I felt bad for my roommate having to put up with the flashes in the dark room. Makes for an easy headache. Still, learned how to work a little with off-camera flash despite not having remote shutters or flash stands, and creating lens flares. Enjoy!

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