Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dec 28, 2011. Nor Sleet or Snow

On a wet winter night where the sky cannot decide whether it will give rain or snow, eventually gives both, and in this cold unfriendly weather few wish to go out to hunt for food thus ordering dinners delivered at their doorstep. Helmetless men on small wheeled steeds zoom out despite the slick roads to fulfill cruel orders every unforgiving night. Unsung heroes indeed.
A proper crop of a photo originally of the whole front of this moped turned out a much more stunning photo. I have to admit the way the lights shine through were unintended but certainly add impact. I am quite happy with this photo except for the plastic tied to the front basket.


  1. I love the plastic! such a masterpiece. you captured its aesthetic really well.

  2. El plástico casi no se ve, lo que me encanta de la foto es que pareciera que la moto te mirara, como si estuviera viva y empezara a hablar como Wall-e :P. Las luces están chileras, y la descripción también ^^

  3. Bea is right, and I maight add that the plastic looks like the bike has a frozen tear coming out of the right eye, ;).
    I and your mom could use some of those fancy hand warmers! Can you find out from the delivery guy if they sell them? and how well they work?

    The light is also very good. considering that the subject is mostly back lit, the details of the water drops on the mirrors is very vivid, makes you feel wet and cold. Maybe the light was more even, but you manage to position the street lights very nicely. I give it a ****, considering a print of it.