Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013. Anonymous Simplicity

It's amusing how Seoul tries to be so symmetrical and uniform when in reality the city is on crooked land. If you look at Korea on Google maps it looks like a wrinkled napkin, which makes my attempts at minimalist, symmetrical composition a nightmare. I've seen other photographers struggle with this too. You try to line everything up but if you make one thing stand straight something else goes crooked, and if you have the horizon straight then all your vertical lines will be tilted to one side. You sort of have to find an angle where it balances out and FEELS straight but if you stare at it long enough it's like a pile of pick-up-sticks. I guess that's why the first floor of most buildings is marked as B1, since you can walk in on one side but on the other it's underground because the building is standing on a slant. You never know what floor you are on here.

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