Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013. Skyscrapers Really Are So Small

At a high point with nothing to obstruct your view up, you realize how vast the sky is and how small we are. Really, Korea's skyscrapers fade in the distance but the sky doesn't, it just swallows the edge of the horizon. Photography has been off my schedule too much lately. Many times now I find myself staring too late at a great sky right outside my window because I was too busy doing things indoors.
Fall has got the best weather and the best skies. Vacation should be in the fall, when its great to go out and exist outside of four walls. Summer is hot so everyone scurries to the comfort of air-conditioned indoors, and days are longer so we could get so much more done if we had classes during then. Half the time its raining anyway. I just want to climb a hill or go to a park or bike downtown or do anything but study. Isn't it time we change the system?

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