Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 17, 2012. Variations of Expression.

Graffiti, perhaps controversial but it's an art form that speaks to the crowd a lot better than those high end, extravagant and strange art forms that seem simply odd rather than well-thought but are almost impossible to understand.
Of course not all graffiti is good, like those idiots who will simply badly sign their nicknames or write profanities on walls, but you can tell when the effort is there and when behind that effort lies a meaning. Graffiti is an urban art of expression, thus is often portrays urban themes. Many people who live in the city could not imagine living outside of it, they fear the outside, without their luxuries, comfort, technology... and that will sometimes stop them from thinking critically about the city they live in. Sometimes graffiti reminds us to think critically, and not just be mindless monkeys.

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