Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013. Constructive Mindset

If anybody noticed that I didn't post yesterday, well I was getting a little worked up about this blog, and even though I took a few photos, I didn't like anything so I just ended up going "Screw it, I'm not posting today."
I don't always like the photos I post here but I try to keep the posting regular anyway, and I've exhausted everything from Guatemala. I was a little anxious yesterday about a homework due today I still had no idea what to do about, and anxiety can really hinder your creativity. It also happens if I'm ever in a bad mood about something, even if I manage to take a decent photo I will certainly have nothing to say. Your mindset is a delicate thing with art, and I'm sure some people can harness negative emotions into their workflow, but stress, anxiety and a general bad mood don't work for me. It makes me wonder how artists who work 9-5 jobs manage to pump things out on gray days, or perhaps they don't? Which is why almost all artists wish they could be independent...

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