Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 3, 2013. Finding The Calm

If there is anything that makes me jump up and down like a little girl at a Beiber concert, it's locations with moving water. Rivers, waterfalls, the ocean, they have given me some of my favorite photos.

I don't know why I like photography. It seems from very young I was always drawn toward cool images, like most kids, but I always thought I wanted to be one of those who created them. Everybody has something that gives them drive, gets their motors started, brings in excitement, but it is strange how for every one it is different, and how some could feel no interest in what to you is the world.

For example: I'm just not a sport person. I don't care for sport news or watching big games or even just knowing the results. Yet to many, very many people, sports are their greatest passion and their lives almost revolve around them. All the same, lots of people out there do not care for photography. It's like nature vs. nurture. Are our interests product of our experiences or could they be a part of our genetic makeup? (Like those who say they were born to do something.)

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