Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013. Escape

I often think about how different life is from one person to the next. I also end up thinking a lot about how different life is now as compared to tens, hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. When we talk thousands, there are definitely things from back then we will never experience now (and who hasn't dreamed about going to the past with modern technology and ruling the world?) but something that always seems to intrigue me the most is the visual experiences we get to have now that people way back when couldn't have. More specifically, I'm talking about being in the air. I'm talking about being at heights that were once impossible and now are common. Down below, it is hard to marvel at the majesty of the world, it's hard to take in the scale, understand how small we are. (Yet most of us will never experience being as high up as space, I'm sure that's even more belittling.) I love being in high places, I love the views, I love peering down at what was once large and is now small figures in the remote distance. It is the best place for the mind to rest.

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