Monday, January 14, 2013

January 13, 2013. High Red

Up high in the valleys between the mountains of Huehuetenango I had planned out a location for the day's sunset.
Well I never found the location again later, up there where it's all rocks and small trees it's easy to get lost, but on my trail I came across this view. I set up (unknowingly in a pile of goat poo) and waited for the right time, hoping no angry dogs would come my way. (One had already chased me a long ways while I was driving the bike out.) Nothing happened, and I even got a friendly neighbor stop by to say hello.
Up that high, the air is clear and cold and clouds are sparse because of the altitude. It's dry and the sun hits hard, and the people up here brave harsh conditions for their way of life. Their skin is dark and taut, their cheeks deep red and purple from all of the exposure. Temperatures fall below zero at night and mornings rise with a crystal frost that quickly disappears when the sun hits. It's harsh, and it's beautiful.

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