Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 14, 2013. Scissors, Knifes and Swords.

Taking a little break off the photos from the last trip, here's a portrait of a family friend. "Paisano" is a word used to refer to someone hailing from the same race or country, and is how my dad and Victor Jo (above) like to refer to each other, being Chinese men living in Guatemala. Victor owns a hairdressing salon but also likes to ride motorcycles, cook and play ping pong. He spontaneously invited us over for homemade sushi at his house and it ended up being a mix of that, pizza, dumplings and a good time. As an intriguing character I wanted to take his portrait before we left and he happened to have that sword at hand (which he gifted to us). I didn't ask him to pose with it, but I'm glad he did.
Oh and also, he has pet flying squirrels. How awesome is that?

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