Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 19, 2013. Wrinkles of The Earth

Depending on your screen and how well you can see with the resolution of this picture, but from way up above we could see at least 7 lines of mountains crossing themselves in the distance. Up and down big rocks and dirt, I took a fall traveling these roads but you cross some of the most amazing sights ever, sights that make you pause and go, wow, is this really Guatemala? Like wrinkles of the Earth, deep cracks from ages of natural accidents, a planetary equivalent to stress. Some things can only come with years, and the lines that run the sides of our eyes grow with time into majestic mountain ranges with experiences to each unique. So why do we try so much to run from our ages if they make us great? Like the great Guatemalan musician Ricardo Arjona sang to all 40-year-old women: "Don't lift years from your life, place life into your years."

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