Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 16, 2012. Being Square

Every country has something to hide... or something they want to hide, but is it right to keep these things out of the light?
I am picking on something controversial here, something another photographer got me thinking about, and it would be the other side of Korea. This country isn't all about giant, futuristic buildings, touch-screen technology and beautiful temples from ancient times. There are places where it's all nice and clean comfortable... and there are places that aren't. Enter my neighborhood.
I certainly live in a stinky corner of Seoul, literally. It smells like rotting trash all day (more severely in summer) and houses are claustrophobic, dirty and falling apart. Yet it seems the government is more concerned in hiding these issues than actually solving them. They much rather wait until the day they can knock these ugly, defaming homes down and put up their tall, soulless apartment buildings that look like they all came off the same blueprint. Yet the people who live here do so because they cannot afford anything better, so where will they go?

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