Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 8, 2012. No More Play For Today

I'm back! Many months later, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't stop composing pictures in my head, calculating when the light would be right, and wishing my camera was with me. For those of you who check my personal facebook you would've noticed the unusual amount of cellphone pictures I started taking. Well I've had enough of that and decided I'd retake the blog so I can answer when inspiration strikes. I'd like to note a few things though:
I just started another semester and it's gonna be busier than before. Doing 20 credits this time, spread out 9 classes. Thus I will guarantee a photo a day, but I won't guarantee that it be taken with my camera, and I can't guarantee it will have anything written with it except minimal information. I will write when I can, but I have days classes end at 8pm and my studies come first. I understand I lose a large part of my blog like that but it's a sacrifice I'm making to be able to continue. I figured it was better than doing something like going weekly instead of daily because the point is to simply have my camera at my side at all times.
Anyway I'm pulling out my camera like you'd pull out an old bike (though I have been using my camera at times, like travel and portrait shoots with my girlfriend Yvonne) but it still sort of feels like that.
So get ready and remember to tune in every day for a little bit of inspiration!

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  1. qué alegre verte de regreso y que no perdás la inspiración ^^