Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22, 2012. Skyrock

Staying out all night, hiking in darkness, hauling camera equipment. It's all worth it. I couldn't choose which photo I'd put up today out of so many I took of the sunrise, so I decided to go with this one and put up the rest elsewhere and share them later. A great view, the farthest corners of Seoul looked close. Cold breeze and a silence you don't find very easily anymore. It certainly wasn't the largest of hikes I've ever taken, but it was exhausting to pull off at 4am without having slept (subways don't start until around 6am so there would be no way to get there in time without staying out unless I paid for a taxi, which is expensive). The change of seasons has brought great skies and weather, and I'd really like to go up again soon.

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