Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012. An Unlovely Day

The only time I like rain is when I'm in bed and I can sleep in, but these pictures aren't gonna take themselves. I decided to turn right, instead of my usual left after leaving my house, so that I could venture around the alleys of my neighborhood. Soaked to the knees, my tripod and camera wet, I got a few shots and then decided to head home. I took a wrong turn somewhere, though, because I ended up walking a very long time through this zigzagging maze until I had to ask someone where the main road was. I discovered a series of privately owned marts, an unusual amount of dry cleaning stores, and a few interesting sights during my adventure, though. It was a good time to go out (despite the rain) because trash had just been cleaned up which makes the scenery much more pleasant.
You can't tell it's raining in the photo because I set the camera on my tripod and used a slow exposure because it was a bit dark due to the weather, so all of the raindrops are blurred out.

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