Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I really didn't want to have to resort to this...
But the disapproving looks from my drawing teacher and humiliation in class have really gotten to me.
I usually never spend less than an hour making a post every day, though it's usually 2 or more hours I need to get it all done. This includes going out to take the photo, post processing, thinking of something to write and then transferring it to facebook. I really don't have this time luxury anymore as I have to catch up to a bunch of Leonardo da Vinci's in my class. Their skills are over the roof and I was never talented at drawing.

This is just a hiatus, though. Once I can settle in to college life and manage to bring stress levels down I want to retake this with even better photos than before. This doesn't mean I'll stop carrying my camera around as much as I can and taking photos, I just can't promise one-a-day anymore.

I recently got some new followers so I'm very sorry to disappoint, but I need to re-evaluate my priorities right now.

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  1. Come back please ! Come back please ! More photos ! More photos !