Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 9-10, 2012. Alley Life

I decided to put yesterday's and today's posts together as a small set, depicting life in this alley in Seoul. Media likes to depict skyscrapers, fancy stores down the main street, people dressed in latest fashion, but that is just a small part of life here, where hidden in alleys lie all the honest, hard working people that make the true heart of this city.
My favorite part of alley-life here, though, is that it's so clean. Look above and you'll find no trash on the ground (almost) which makes it a pleasant place to be without the need of bright lights and interior designers. This road is their home, and they take care of it like so.

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  1. I shall take a few pictures today in Tiquisate for you, to contrast yours, hahaha. It looks like in those old Jap movies, where Ultraman is about to show up! BTW, you need a bicycle to go explore all those wonderful places a few kms beyond your walking range. Good to hear from you, missed you publication yeterday.