Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11, 2012. One More Time

Well, I told you I'd return, but with certain variants compared to last time. There were clouds in a clear sky today, so I decided to go after sunset. The main differences here would be the use of color, time of day, and orientation of the camera while taking the photos.
Naturally, I would've waited way until night before going back indoors, just so that I could have more variety with light. However, I took this photo from a balcony-like raised area where the wind was blowing absurdly hard, and within a minute I was shivering despite wearing 2 sweaters and a scarf. I couldn't tell if my head just hurt from the cold or my brains were leaking out, but this is what I got.
The sun sets somewhere between the skyscrapers in the middle, so yes, I will return again but this time with the sun still visible. When I went out it was halfway above the horizon but within 30 seconds it had run away. That is what I wanted, though I hoped there would be more clouds.
You might also notice you can see much farther than last time. Wasn't foggy at all today.

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