Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012. Sharing and A Change of Seasons

Winter is practically over, as we are now getting rain instead of snow, putting us into the ugliest part of the year. Gray skies, nasty wind, and dead trees are symbols of the end of another season cycle to begin the next one, but life goes on as always.
These 3 schoolgirls walk home in a light but continuous rain, huddling under 1 umbrella. Sharing is one of the most beautiful parts of Korean culture, where you make sure those near you have as much as you, even when what you have is scarce. If you go to a restaurant with 3 friends and order 1 soda, they will bring you 4 cups with it, no matter the size of the drink. Brought a bag of cookies to class? Don't eat more than one until everyone around you was offered. Your friends forgot their umbrellas? Then all 3 of you will be sticking your heads under 1 even if it means getting a little wet. Your friend doesn't have lunch money but you only have enough for 1 meal? Then split it half-half.
Well this is more of an Asian thing in general, but it's so different on my continent. People are much more possessive and sharing usually only happens within the family or very close friends (typically girls). You'll have your own drink or your own meal even if your friend cannot afford it, and the most that is given away is a sip or a bite for tasting. It's always you first, them next.
There are things I agree with and things that I absolutely do not with Korean culture, but this is one that would be nice if more people around the world could adopt and promote.

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