Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012. Please Do Not Feed The Animals

I arrived a little early for a meeting with a friend, so it was time for a little practice. I wanted to see how well I could expose a picture by just looking at the amount of light and not relying on the in-camera metering. I set my ISO at 400, my shutter speed at 1/90, and aperture at f2.8. Now I figure for most of you that's just jargon but these are the main factors that affect the exposure of your picture and can be used in many combinations for different results.
Well this was actually my second guess, my first guess was a bit dark but I fixed it on the next one. I deleted most of the photos I tested under different lighting conditions (as there was no composition involved, just technical stuff) but I liked the result of this one. This is the staircase of the subway exit for Children's Grand National Park. A large park including a free zoo, dancing water fountains, beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, etc.


  1. Didn't we go here last year;;; you shouldve taken picture of the animals lol;;

  2. Wow... y sus patitas continuan en las paredes.