Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16, 2012. Shadow Crossing

Some casual walkers on the streets of Seoul. I had this photo in my mind before, and I learned something strange and new about Korea while taking it. A lot of the cars waiting on the front row would actually turn off their lights when people walked by. I didn't know anyone did such a thing.
Well it is polite, but in my case it was frustrating. I wanted as much light as possible so I had to wait a few lights on an intersection until I got enough cars with their lights on, though I am still a bit unsatisfied.
This is not unexpected of Korean behavior though, as people go lengths to avoid discomforting other people.  Koreans are often shy and don't like creating a commotion in public, and if you are bothering them they will often bear with it rather than complain. I spilled a little coffee on a guy's back in the jammed subway once, but he never said anything to me. He just mumbled coffee and a few other angry words but didn't go beyond that. I apologized and wiped off what I could with a napkin... but it's coffee.
Honestly the only people who will approach you on the streets are either aggressive vendors, youth-hating, angry old men or annoying churchgoers trying to recruit you to their bible studies (my god they never leave). Other than that they pretty much keep to themselves.

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