Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2012. Final Stages

If you think about where you'd like to be when you are old, you might think of the countryside, or a small town, in a calm country where the slow life is at your pace. You certainly wouldn't imagine Seoul, an up-to-date city where new technology seems to revolutionize the industry twice a day. Thus there are always elderly people struggling with the subway system, confused with their phones or simply oblivious to the technology around them that could help them out. Yet if we look at the plus side, Seoul has pleasant, clean and well-maintained parks in every corner, open university campuses where you can relax, and where they do relax, and many accessible mountains where they make regular hikes. So the deal isn't all bad.
 If you've been to Seoul, could you imagine growing old in such a place?

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