Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 19-21, 2012 Modern Life

I decided to put all three photos together in one post, since I was very busy this weekend I took all of the photos today.
My day started with the work of Steve McCurry, an internationally recognized photographer but more known for his photo Afghan Girl. I'm sure you've seen it, but a 5-second google search will clear any doubts. I heard today was the last day of his exhibition in Seoul, and though I don't frequent museums, as a photographer I knew I had to see this one.
Photos ranged from portraits of people around the world, the ruins of the World Trade Center right after 9/11 and iconic images from beautiful countries. It was inspiring and hard to leave, I would've much rather moved into the gallery. The first photo is of Seoul Arts Center where the exhibition was held.
The next two are in Gangnam, where my day concluded. It's not an area I frequent but it was nearby and a nice day... plus there's a canon store there.
You could say Canon is like my "toy store", but in toy stores you buy toys. I just stare at them, try them out and dream about buying them, so maybe it's more like my church where I just go and dream and worship these toys I can't have. ):

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