Monday, October 1, 2012

September 30, 2012. Places Worth Going

Took a hike up another mountain today, but for the sunset, and tried something more ambitious. This is an HDR panorama, made from 4 shots with 6 exposures each (total of 24 photos). It was a lot of post-processing work, and my computer wanted to just get up, flip me off and never come back. After a lot of combining and teaking, and A LOT of waiting for things to process, I have finished my first HDR panorama. I am quite proud and see myself doing this a lot in the future. The results are certainly superior, the details from light to dark and colors preserved. We had a great sky tonight, clear around the sun but full of textured clouds to be lit up when it fell low.
I opted to put this photo on because facebook and blogger don't produce the best quality, a quality I could not pass up this time. Enjoy!

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