Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan 14, 2012. Come and Go

As I entered the subway to go meet some friends, I took note of the time... 4:30pm; I would have to come back at that hour again. Winter's early sunset and busy commuters come together during this golden hour to make a dramatic scene. Today I went back with my camera to record the feeling I had gotten that day. Nobody else seemed to notice of the transforming change in the interior of the complex, brought about by a simple variation in the light, now rushing blindingly through the window. Needless to mention, I walked away happily with my immortalized moment.


  1. Good shot! very dynamic. If you could get the same person going through every time it would make the collection more interesting. Like the long legged woman in the center of the shot. She is the only subject with distinguishable features, makes the picture work. or at least get the subsequent shots the same way, one lonely character that is in full detail only. I like it, lets see what you can do with the follow up.

  2. El efecto de la luz quedó genial, le da más vida a la foto. Y también es un efecto curioso ver las ventanas en blanco, se percibe el metro como un submundo.