Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jan 8, 2012. Not For Relaxation

Seoul's most popular modern shopping district, Myeong Dong, is not a place where people go to relax. If you're not a'shoppin, then choose a different location because slow walkers will be pushed and run over. Taking this pic was actually angering some people because I had to stand in the middle of the river and hold my camera over my head as passerby's had me swinging left and right for balance. In the end, I got the shot. It is nice, though, that even in this kind of crowd I can feel safe and don't have to be hiding my personal belongings and checking by pocket every minute to make sure my wallet is still there. Nevertheless, I am not a fan of being a cow in a herd, thus I am not a big fan of Myeong Dong either.


  1. Nice pic, but I think the description is what I like the most :)

  2. Ahhhh que horror cuanta gente!!!!! pero la pic te quedo super...