Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 20, 2012. Rui's Rooftop

I wasn't happy with my last few evening city scrounges, resulting to often detail-less over-contrasted photos, so I wanted to find somewhere new that wasn't too far, but could give me a different perspective. I a phoned a friend who lives on a rooftop and he was fortunately home, so I hauled my camera and tripod to see what I could get. I real professional would wait until the weather is good, but since I have a daily deadline I had to work my way around dull winter skies. The first thing that caught my attention in the city landscape was a large crane which I can only partially see from my dormitory. However there hasn't been a day in which I've been able to look out without seeing any kind of construction, and actually at the moment I could see three of these towering metal skeletons within close distance of the building. As packed as the city may seem they always seem to find enough space for more construction, as Seoul grows at an unstoppable pace.


  1. I can see lots of space for new buildings, can't you? The perspective you chose is challenging, and I think made the picture a little confusing. The detail forces you to center your attention to where the rails meet, very linear, but I think you wanted the crane to be the focus of the shot, no? The perfect line of the rail make the background buildings seem distorted. It doesn't work for me. That is ME, not the artist/photographer speaking of course.

  2. Interesting but kind of does not help and hard to find a focal point. Maybe a bubble effect. Like Guate...really we need more building and or houses???