Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jan 5, 2012. Taking a Moment

Winter is the worse season to get busy. This morning we were under -10C, and all anyone wishes to do at that temperature is sleep. I take naps almost every day to avoid passing out while studying and I eat almost twice as much as I did in summertime. I swear, all I need is some body hair and I'm ready to hibernate like a bear. What's worse, the sun is already setting at 5pm and by 6 o'clock its totally dark, making it feel like bedtime already. Posting photos everyday like this is hard, but at the same time it helps keep me sane while studying. Back in High School it seemed like my greatest bouts of creativity came when I had tons of homework to do, or when it was exam week, and once I was finally free my head just felt empty. Now I just want to turn into a big fluffy winter mammal and take a 2-month-long sleep.


  1. I like it! There is NOTHING that says warm in this picture. It's 12c here in Guatemala and this rendition made it feel like 0c! The big wide window looks like it is sucking all the heat out of your being. Question, are you formating all your pics square for a reason? They have leaving me with a feeling like, something is missing....

  2. Well I always try lots of different crops, I just seem to prefer the square in most situations. As a plus they appear much larger and clearer on blogger, unlike the wide ones that appear very small. Anyway sometimes I'm cropping to get rid of things, like in this picture, because the window actually ends right after the edge on the right but by cropping that off it makes it feel like the window is much larger.