Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan 19, 2012. The Little Ramen House

Most people's experience of ramen in the western world is packaged dry noodles with flavoring chemicals in a bag. I was once another believer that this insult to Japan can actually be called ramen. Now on the other side of the world I can get my hands on the real thing, and you'd wonder who was the evil genius ("genius" only because he probably became filthy rich) who created instant ramen, which is nothing like the properly broth flavored noodles with fresh, sliced green onions, a hard-boiled egg and a happy slab of pork. Not only does real ramen NOT feel like it'll reduce your lifespan by 3 days, but it also doesn't sell for under a buck at the local convenience store. It can get rather pricy, but you get what you pay for... but then again you can not deny that when broke and in need you'll still find yourself feeding off the $1 slow death  instant ramen. Just add hot water!


  1. Interesting place, I always thought you had to go through a draped door, before you get to the ramen counter. Is this open to the outside?

    The deep black tones bring live to the kitchen utensils. Overall very nice.

  2. Yoda disagrees with your instant ramen opinion...

  3. No this isn't outdoors, it's just looks that way because of how I framed the photo. It's in a restaurant, but the door doesn't have drapes haha.