Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan 7, 2012. The Supermarket

Everything is smaller in Korea, including what they call a "Shyupomaketuh." They borrowed the word from English but their definition of a "Supermarket" is exactly what is above; somewhere between a convenience store and an actual supermarket. They range from clean an organized to old and falling apart, but prices seem the same everywhere regardless. Korea has lots of sharp, new buildings towering over wide sidewalks but that doesn't mean that there is any lack of the opposite. Luckily I was carrying my tripod this evening so I was able to get this shot with a steady cam.

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  1. My favorite so far!
    Anything against HDR? No. It works very well in the waterfall forest shot a few days ago. The extra sharpness adds to the whimsical feel. This shot is more documentary, the long exposure works great. Artistical and not overworked. Exactly what the natural eye would see, not overworked by too much detail. I love it.