Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2, 2012. Being a Kid Again

Perhaps this only happens to me because I'm still rather young, but have you ever gotten that feeling of longing when you go somewhere that you know would've excited you a lot as a kid? Like a candy shop or a playground, where you're no longer socially allowed to run around with wide eyes and a big smile. So you tell yourself that you don't care for those things anymore, that you're better than that and have grown-up things to enjoy now, but that little corner of your heart just wishes you could feel that simple, unique bliss that doesn't come down the road as much as it used to. Sometimes, I still like to run spontaneously, arms behind me like wings, for 10 brief steps that will let me remember that long-gone childhood sensation.


  1. Were you thinking i Nadia, she really enjoyed this photo it is now the wallpaper on her computer!! Yummy, did you try some or run with your arms flailing behind you? I still remember you like that!

  2. Happens to me too. Every time I get on the motorcycle I get that feeling.

    Sweet colors. Pun.