Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8, 2012. Going Down Fast

Taking a photo is more than composing and pushing a shutter button. Some say you have to be lucky to take a good photo, which is in part true, but luck will land on those who expose themselves to it more often. It's not easy to get a skyline in Seoul, often deeming us with either overcast or crystal clear skies. From early today I had noticed there were clouds, and the schedule in the back of my head immediately listed down taking photos of the sunset. Once the sun goes down, it goes down fast, and getting the photo becomes a race against time. Doing a little "location scouting" after class, I realized the door to the rooftop wasn't locked. At 5:30pm I was sneaking through, not sure whether I'm allowed to be there or not, and got started. I ended up taking a 10-piece panorama to best capture the drama in the sky.


  1. Las nubes oscuras se me hacen como las que ponen en las caricaturas cuando llega una maldición o algo así, la maldición del anochecer.

  2. Where is the Pan? If you didn't say it was Seoul, nobody would know. Your ability to scout locations is always impressive. The color contrast is also great. No photoshop right?