Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feb 9, 2012. They Always Run Away From Me

It was supposed to be another cityscape today, until I was approached by a hungry man. He didn't ask for much, just spare change if I had it. We ended up talking a while. He told me he's homeless and has no family, and has to beg everyday so he can eat. He asked me why I like photos; I told him it's just a hobby. He told me long winded stories involving hospitals and limb injuries, his fellow homeless seeking warmth in subway stations, his injuries from getting thrown out of places. He spoke in a slurred fashion through the few thinning teeth he had left, and his eyes would hesitantly water at times, probably deciding it was better to save what little liquids he had left. Before he left he asked me to not use his photo for any bad purposes, and then ended on a bitter note: "You're handsome, I bet young girls approach you a lot. Women always run from me..."

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