Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 26-29. #1 You've Got Mail

A mailbox bearing scars from constant attacks from annoying, polluting advertisers. Small ads for local business are attached to every surface possible, cards stuck in every nick and crook, fliers and local delivery-food menus are even thrown on the floor in high-traffic areas by men on motorcycles with their faces completely covered. Its almost as bad (sometimes worse) than political ads in Guatemala during elections, where the streets are lined with every campaign's eye-burning, brightly colored posters attached one on top of the other resulting in an absurd contest of who can keep their useless trash on top of the rest the most.

I even saw one man here practically throwing cards on people on the subway, then after he's made his round he'd pick up the ones people tossed on the floor and throw them on the next batch of people in the proceeding compartment. I really wanted to punch him.

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