Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 7, 2012. Me, again.

Just experimenting a little with a new 5-1 reflector I just got from my girlfriend. (: Also tried a new editing style as I thought about my dinner.
Narcissistic much? Well, if you're tired of seeing my face (and you're near me) why not try a bit of modeling?

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  1. Finally got a reflector! wooo hooo! Thank you girlfriend.

    What do you mean by new editing style? The natural look of the skin I like, the roughness of the texture feels like painting not photo,but I wonder, where are the pimples?!

    I like it, it feels real, the lack of lusterness and only the shine in the eyes makes it perfect. If you could apply this technique to your Old people collection it would make for an amazing exhibition.